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Welcome to the Studio7aUK Website.

Hi, my name is Ian F White.

This website was created primarily to showcase my writing and game design stuff, but also has entries for other related (and non-related) interests.

My Fiction can be purchased as eBooks from Lulu and Amazon Kindle (or directly from me as a PDF).  My writing style might best be described as Sometimes Humorous, Fast & Furious, in a Two-fisted Tale-telling sort of way.

My game design stuff is on DriveThruRPG as PDFs.

My Wargame Scenery is available directly from me or via ebay in some cases.

Proofreading Service

I am also offering my services as a Proofreader / Editor at very competitive rates, i.e. for FREE while I am honing my skills. In future, I will be charging, but for now, please contact me via email if interested.

I have a little experience now, having helped out in a voluntary capacity with a number of Role-playing products for James at FeralGamersInc. Still happy to do free sample work.

Latest News

My new RPG is now live on KickStarter - AGLAECA an RPG of Heroic Fantasy.

I've started a Deviant Art page for my black & white drawings.

I wrote a small RPG article for Jonathan Woodard's Blog.