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FIRST DAYA mercenary unit embarks upon a secret covert operations mission to locate and destroy a target known only to their taciturn leader. Magnus, the newest member of the team must prove his worth as their odds of success – and members of the team – decrease with every new threat they face. Can Magnus survive his first day and complete the mission? 5-star reciew.

BEARKINThe second episode in Magnus's Saga. Magnus embarks upon a rescue mission, aided by Bear, Erik and a mysterious Runesmith.  

THE COIN. The first short story in the Adventures of Tommy Hopkinson series. Tommy and Carl go on a double date - with horrific consequences. 

"A GREEN AND UNPLEASANT LAND" The place: Earth... The time: Early 22nd Century… The situation: Desperate! Mankind is still around, though God and Mother Nature have tried their damndest to eradicate us. A hundred years of abnormal solar activity and tectonic repercussions have reduced the population to an almost insignificant amount. This is a Post-Apocalypse RPG setting for use with any system,

"TIME SPIRAL" This is a multi-genre RPG for relatively mature and experienced players looking for more of a role-play than roll-play experience.

"RPG Player Sub Plots" is a series of 12 cards which are used by a GM in a one-off game (with pre-gen PCs) to add another level of 'spice' to his game and offer extra role-play opportunity to the Players. Each Player gets a card, keeps it secret, but plays to it's effects, allowing the GM to try and guess who was wom at the end of the game. Just adds that extra bit of fun to a game.!

POETRY & Other Free Stuff





Heaven knows

She’s impaired

…I’m in love



Hard-pressed by injuns…

A thunder sounds from afar

Cavalry saved us

Favourite Colours

black and white and red,

three colours I love the most…

smoke and snow and blood


In June my eyes run

While I desperately seek

Hayfever tablets

BAD PEOPLEFREE sample short story. A student  goes on holiday abroad with a few friends. But when she heads out on her own, things get 'messy'... (Winner of the 2014 Huddersfield Author's Circle Externally Adjudicated Competition - Short Story Category.)