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The Colony War

The planet that the two shuttles - one containing Marines the other scientists - had landed on could have been Earth, yet it was light years from Earth.
Rich in flora and fauna it should have been a haven for wildlife. Not only was there no intelligent species, there was seemingly no life at all.
What horror - or horrors – that stalk the planet had caused this? Quick actions by the highly intelligent, totally unpredictable Rosnuts, prevented the same fate befalling the two groups. That single incident resulted in an unparalleled conflict, between Earth and a species to which brutality was the norm.
The first tentative steps into space will be the last for Earth unless they can overcome an alien race that has ruled over an empire of planets for almost a million years.

The God Weapon 

When an asteroid suddenly appears just outside the orbit of Pluto it causes concern; it should have been detected before it reached our Solar System. When it changes course and heads for Earth it causes panic.
In a race against time, a hand-picked team of scientists, with political, and military backing, are tasked with finding a solution to the alien 'gift'.
Interacting with a highly intelligent eccentric group of people known as the Rosnuts, who’s actions are totally unpredictable but vital to the solution, they embark on a roller-coaster course of events that must succeed, otherwise life on Earth may cease to exist. 

This is the first book in a Sci-Fi trilogy of novels by a new collaboration team - Percy Marsh & Ian F White.

Available NOW on Amazon Kindle and Softcover.
This book contains the following Short Stories...
A Soldier's Story. 1100 words. Medieval Historical Fiction.
Promises. 1800 words. Wild West Supernatural Action.
Bad People. 2400 words. Modern Thriller.
First Day. 4400 words. Nordic Myth Action Thriller.
The Coin. 6800 words. Young Adult Supernatural Thriller.
Bearkin. 12000 words. Nordic Myth Action Thriller. Sequel to First Day.
Sunset. 16000 words. Modern Drama/Thriller.
BAD PEOPLEFREE sample short story. A student  goes on holiday abroad with a few friends. But when she heads out on her own, things get 'messy'... (Winner of the 2014 Huddersfield Author's Circle Externally Adjudicated Competition - Short Story Category.)

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Heaven knows

She’s impaired

…I’m in love



Hard-pressed by injuns…

A thunder sounds from afar

Cavalry saved us

Favourite Colours

black and white and red,

three colours I love the most…

smoke and snow and blood


In June my eyes run

While I desperately seek

Hayfever tablets