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Here are my Wargame and Role-Playing Game stuff...


  • "ENGLAND EXPECTS..." This simple set of card- and dice-driven “Fast-Play” rules is designed for use in re-fighting naval battles in the ‘Age of Sail’ (early 1700s to early 1800s), involving small or large numbers of ships, in a tabletop situation. There are also a series of Scenarios to accompany this game: In the Spirit of Trafalgar, Chesapeake Bay, Battle of the Nile,

  • "BRETWALDA" This is a wargame based in Dark Age Britain. It uses an Initiative system based on cards. Ranged and Melee Combat, and Morale Checks are made using dice. Originally designed for use with 28mm figures, any scale will work. Fighting units are arranged into Formations and Guards, controlled by the General and his Lords.

    "Bannockburn: 1314" .(Scenario) The English King - Edward II - marches north to relieve the sage of Stirling Castle. At Bannockburn, he meets the Scots army under Robert the Bruce.

    Neville's Cross 1346 (Scenario) King David II of Scotland invades England in an attempt to relive the pressure on France during the 100 Years War. A wargame scenario for DBMM and FoG.

    "Nicopolis 1396" (Scenario) A Hungarian Army, bolstered by the creame of Western European chivalry, marches to stop the advance of the Ottoman Empire. They meet at the town of Nicopolis on the banks of the Danube.

    "Grunwald 1410" (Scenario) The Teutonic Order seeks to extend its territories into Poland... But the locals strongly object to the idea! 

    An Introduction to Wargaming In this short book, I aim to introduce the reader to the hobby of Wargaming. I will examine Genre, Scale,Rrule Systems, and Figure Manufacturers. Aimed primarily at the novice, there may well be some content of interest for the experienced Wargamer.

    Role-Playing Games

    I'm currently working on a new RPG set in a fantasy dark age based on Anglo-Saxon society and the Beowulf setting. It has a unique dice pool vs task difficulty system with extra bits and pieces to add spice and the feel of a heroic game. Watch out for it soon - it's called "Aglaeca".

    "A GREEN AND UNPLEASANT LAND" The place: Earth... The time: Early 22nd Century… The situation: Desperate! Mankind is still around, though God and Mother Nature have tried their damndest to eradicate us. A hundred years of abnormal solar activity and tectonic repercussions have reduced the population to an almost insignificant amount. This is a Post-Apocalypse RPG setting for use with any system,

    "TIME SPIRAL" This is a multi-genre RPG for relatively mature and experienced players looking for more of a role-play than roll-play experience.

    "RPG Player Sub Plots" is a series of 12 cards which are used by a GM in a one-off game (with pre-gen PCs) to add another level of 'spice' to his game and offer extra role-play opportunity to the Players. Each Player gets a card, keeps it secret, but plays to it's effects, allowing the GM to try and guess who was wom at the end of the game. Just adds that extra bit of fun to a game.!

    Board Games

    "ONLY ONE" This is a Board- and Card-driven game based on the Highlander movie. It allows a group of Immortals to fight each other through a number of eras of history to the present day New York setting. Simple D6 combat system with modifiers provided by cards and Quickening Powers. 
    Only available as a PDF direct from me for FREE to avoid copyright bollocks. [email protected]