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Welcome to the Studio7aUK Website.

Hi, my name is Ian F White.

I am the host author of this site which was designed to promote a number of authors under a single umbrella location.

Our FICTION is available as epub or paperback from Amazon

Our GAMES are available as PDF from DriveThruRPG

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Book One in the BLOODY BILL Novella Series

OUT NOW on Amazon!

In THE TREASURE OF SALUMAN, English mercenary William Harris embarks upon an epic tale of late medieval adventure, where love and treasure are won and lost, in a desperate struggle against natural and supernatural adversity, within a dark and ancient land.

This Historical Fiction Novella takes us on an Action-packed journey of discovery from the civilisation of Late Medieval Europe to the savage savannas and God-forsaken jungles of Africa, leaving in its wake a body-count worthy of many classic Sword & sorcery tales.