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The God Weapon

When an asteroid suddenly appears just outside the orbit of Pluto it causes concern; it should have been detected before it reached our Solar System. When it changes course and heads for Earth it causes panic.

The Colony War

The planet that the two shuttles - one containing Marines the other scientists - had landed on could have been Earth, yet it was light years from Earth.


Earth had engaged in its first space battle with a brutal alien species, called The Race. The outcome of this war was, not only were the Earth forces successful but they were now the head of a willing alliance of twenty-three planets, including Earth.

Other Authors


by Stevie White

A story of modern city life set in present day South London.

"Joseph Dean Tortois, known to his mates as Toys, the black child of a white mother, and trainee boxer with a bisexual soul, poet and storyteller... "

Ian F White In dependant Fiction


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An abducted student, a drug dealer and an undercover cop are just a few of the characters who become embroiled in this fast-paced, high mortality tale of body trafficking and bent cops set on an imaginary, yet beautiful Greek island.


Book One in the BLOODY BILL Novella Series

In THE TREASURE OF SALUMAN, English mercenary William Harris embarks upon an epic tale of late medieval adventure, where love and treasure are won and lost, in a desperate struggle against natural and supernatural adversity, within a dark and ancient land.

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This book contains the following Short Stories...
A Soldier's Story. 1100 words. Medieval Historical Fiction.
Promises. 1800 words. Wild West Supernatural Action.
Bad People. 2400 words. Modern Thriller.
First Day. 4400 words. Nordic Myth Action Thriller.
The Coin. 6800 words. Young Adult Supernatural Thriller.
Bearkin. 12000 words. Nordic Myth Action Thriller. Sequel to First Day.
Sunset. 16000 words. Modern Drama/Thriller.
BAD PEOPLEFREE sample short story. A student  goes on holiday abroad with a few friends. But when she heads out on her own, things get 'messy'... (Winner of the 2014 Huddersfield Author's Circle Externally Adjudicated Competition - Short Story Category.)